image of pass the honey individual portioned clean unadulterated honeycomb

What is Snacking Honey?

Honey is so much more than just a way to add sweetness. Real honey (that is honey from the comb) is complex and rich and full of flavor. It’s a superfood that does good things for our bodies.

It’s time to elevate honey to a starring role. It’s time the world experiences real, bite-sized snacking honey. Enjoy it after dinner, as a midday pick-me-up, or simply just because.

100% Real, 0% Questionable & Completely Unadulterated

Pass The Honey provides the highest quality honeycomb that’s completely raw, with no fraudulent additives. It’s non-GMO, unprocessed, and free from pesticides or other chemicals.

We source the cleanest honeycomb in the world! Our honeycomb is an unaltered product harvested straight from the hive, without additives or extraction. Unlike liquid honey, it is nearly impossible to imitate or dilute this product.

One bite and you can taste the difference – because it's real!

Some Words from Happy Customers

Integrity You Can Trust

We hold ourselves and our honeycomb to a higher standard. Unlike liquid honey, you cannot blend or heat honeycomb. To ensure our honeycomb meets the highest regenerative standards possible, we use independent 3rd-party labs. We are the only honey company setting and ensuring standards using third-party lab verification. Period.

Co-Created with Bees and Beekeepers to Evolve Eco-Diversity

Eating Our Honeycomb Supports Bees and Beekeepers Alike

Pass the Honey co-creates with bees and multi-generational beekeepers to evolve beekeeping practices and ecosystem diversity far beyond what is currently perceived to be possible.

We do this through sustainable beekeeping practices, rigorous testing and sourcing only 20% of a hive's comb to encourage healthy hive activity and stability. When you eat our honeycomb, you’re also supporting the vitality of bees and their keepers.

We invite you to join our mission to create a regenerative supply system that will positively impact bees and beekeepers worldwide!  

Check out the video below to hear our story.

Still not sure?

We get it, you probably have questions like "Is the wax edible?" You bet it is. Or how about "does this hurt the bees"? No way, in fact it helps them! We have an article that should answer all of your questions. Learn More or read some of our most recent blog posts below and discover more about Pass the Honey.

Charcuterie is no longer defined by delicatessen meats. You’re just as likely to find vegan grazing boards described as charcuterie alongside the conventional meat and accompaniment spreads. 

Whether you subscribe to the purist definition of charcuterie or prefer to refer to outliers as grazing boards and snack trays, you’ve gotta admit, this snacking trend beats carrot sticks any day. 

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To the untrained shopper, terms like “raw,” “organic,” and “Manuka” are like a secret code. You might have an inkling they might signal the honey is better for you, more sustainable, or just more delicious. But what do these labels really mean? 

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Finding healthier alternatives to sugar can help people with diabetes have more flexibility and freedom in their diet. Honeycomb’s low GI, antioxidants, and nutrients make it an ideal low blood sugar snack or everyday sweetener. 
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