Honeycomb goodness, without the mess.

We don’t like to mess with nature. In fact, we want to preserve it as best as possible. Traditional liquid honey is filtered and pasteurized, stripping it of the natural nutrients and benefits. Our honeycomb is straight from the source --- in fact, it’s actually still in the comb (and never expires!)

Say goodbye to your processed sugar alternatives and hello to nature’s sweetener made easy!

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A natural product providing flavor & essential nutrients.

Pass the Honey is individually wrapped, single-serve honeycomb that’s incredibly tasty and contains essential nutrients. Use it as a luxurious treat on your cheese board, add it to your yogurt, sandwich, on pancakes and toast, or use it to sweeten your coffee or tea in the healthiest way possible. Pass The Honey is farmer’s market freshness delivered right to your door.

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One ingredient can change everything.

In a world where not all is what it seems, Pass the Honey is unaltered from its source. A simple, convenient sweetener, added ingredient, or solo snack just as it was meant to “bee.”

We believe healthy options should be convenient and taste great! With Pass The Honey on hand, your afternoon sweet tooth becomes a good thing and your healthy meals have an extra zest.