Honeycomb goodness,
without the mess

Pass the Honey is individually wrapped, single-serve honeycomb that’s incredibly tasty, entirely edible, and easy to snack on. Sustainably sourced, straight from the hive to you. Enjoy sweet, raw, honeycomb, with less stress and no mess.

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In a world where not all is what it seems, Pass the Honey is unaltered from its source. A simple, convenient sweetener (or snack) as it was meant to “bee.”

We don’t like to mess with nature. In fact, we want to preserve it as best as possible. There’s no catch, the bees made the honeycomb and we deliver it from the hive to you. Just in an easier and cleaner manner.

Pass the Honey is honey in its purest form – the honeycomb.

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About Pass the Honey

What began as an effort to find a more convenient, natural sweetener quickly blossomed into a fascination with bees, colonies, hives, beekeeping and a desire to bring regenerative practices to an entire industry.

At Pass the Honey, we’ve partnered with Terra Genesis International to design a regenerative supply system and business model for global beekeepers and apiary operations.

With each purchase of Pass the Honey’s convenient honeycomb, we are able to support research and provide an alternative revenue source for beekeepers with the intention to break their financial dependence on the pollination business.

It’s a long road ahead but we’re committed to creating a regenerative supply system that will have far-reaching effects in the greater ecosystem. This is our commitment.

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