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Honeycomb: Your Fitness Friend

Honeycomb is an ideal, portable snack for refueling during endurance exercise. Here’s why.

Energy gels, bars, and beverages are a popular way for endurance athletes and those seeking improved cardiovascular...

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Honey and Gut Health

Throughout history, honey has been used for a variety of purposes: as an antiseptic for wounds, a natural sweetener, and a remedy for sore throat, among many others. It’s become...

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Honeycomb and Ayurvedic Wisdom

The health benefits of honeycomb are well-founded, and its uses date back to ancient Egypt, when bees and their keepers were spiritually and societally revered in regular ritual and worship.
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Pass the Honey, Please

It’s charcuterie season, our favorite. Why? Well, wine & cheese is delicious, but mostly because...honeycomb pairs well.

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Honeycomb and Diabetes

Honey has been used in medicinal practices for thousands of years. Although, during most of that time, people only knew instinctively of its health advantages. They’d eat it straight from...

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Natural Remedies for a Cold

Don’t you hate waking up with a cold? Somehow your nose is both stuffed and runny, your coughs become sneezes and your sneezes become coughs, and that general...

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Beeswax Benefits

Let’s start by answering one of the most frequently asked questions surrounding honey: Can you eat the entire honeycomb? Answer—daily double—yes, you can scarf down the honey, the...

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What is a Natural Sweetener?

From taking the bitterness out of a morning cup of coffee, sweetening your daily beverages, to elevating the flavors of favorite desserts, natural sweeteners do just as much...

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Honeycomb vs Stevia

So, you’ve decided to cut down on using sugar in your cooking, baking, or diet. Maybe you’re interested in the nutritional benefits of Read More

5 of the Best Natural Sweeteners

Sugar may be sweet, but it’s not always the best choice for a well-balanced, healthy diet. Processed white sugar can lead to spikes in overall blood sugar, causing...

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Honeycomb vs Honey

 You’ve likely heard of and enjoyed the benefits of honey before – that sweet, naturally golden syrup that goes so well with foods and...

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How to Help Save the Bees

If you’re a lover of bees, honey, or even flowers, the headlines in the last few years have probably felt particularly dire. It’s hard to open a webpage,...

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What is Beeswax?

Naturally yellow, pleasantly fragranced with a faint honey scent, and malleable, natural beeswax is an incredibly versatile product. It offers a durable, water-repellent property that’s highly sought after...

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What is Royal Jelly?

Bees and honey are inseparably linked – it’s well known that bees create honey out of the nectar they gather from plants and flowers, using it to feed...

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Benefits of Royal Jelly

Believe it or not, there are so many benefits to using royal jelly that it’s almost difficult to know where to start – so...

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What are Pollinators?

Pollen contains a plant’s DNA; in order to reproduce and create edible components, this pollen needs to be spread quickly and efficiently. Plants and flowers, while incorporating some...

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What is Pollination?

In most species of living creatures, in order to produce offspring, a male and female need to mate. Even without a biology class, it’s pretty easy to tell which is...

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What Is Pollinator Week?

Humans have come a long way in their mastery over the plant kingdom, with some researchers estimating that agriculture dates back more than twenty thousand years. As impressive...

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Why is Pollination Important?

If you’ve ever sneezed your way through a particularly nasty allergy season, or been stung by a yellow jacket after your soda at a summer picnic, you may...

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Drone vs. Worker Bee

When it comes to honeybees, these industrious insects contribute a lot more to our day-to-day existence than meets the eye. Besides the tasty honeycomb you may be munching...

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Apiculture Continuum

Though almost everyone loves honeyone of nature’s sweet treatsmost people don’t give it a second thought when it...

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What is a Bee Colony?

While many of us enjoy honey as a delectable treat whether spread on a peanut butter sandwich or stirred in our tea Read More

What Do Bees Eat?

Bee colonies are known for producing the deliciously sweet and sticky substance that we call honey. While humans eat honey, what exactly do bees eat? Bees require...

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How is Honey Harvested?

From the hive to youexactly how is honey harvested? Well, there are a lot of different factors that go into harvesting honey, one of...

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How Do Bees Pollinate?

Many people may think of bees as nothing more than those little pesky, fuzzy insects buzzing around. Despite offering the delicious treat of honey and raw Read More

What is Honeycomb?

Everyone knows what honey is, but many aren’t familiar with honeycomb. So, what is honeycomb, and what can you do with honeycomb? If you’re curious about...

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