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Importance of Bees

We have all learned at some point in school that plants, fruits, and vegetables require pollination to live and grow. Did you know the importance of...

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What Do Bees Eat?

Bees are known for producing the deliciously sweet and sticky substance that we call honey. While we enjoy their product on a lot of the food that we eat —...

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How is Honey Harvested?

 From the hive to you — exactly how is honey harvested? Well, there are a lot of different factors that go into harvesting honey, one of which is the seasonal...

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How Do Bees Pollinate?

 Many people may think of bees as nothing more than those little pesky, fuzzy insects buzzing around. Despite offering the delicious treat of honey and raw Read More

What is Honeycomb?

Everyone knows what honey is, but many aren’t familiar with honeycomb. So, what is honeycomb, and what can you do with honeycomb? If you’re curious about...

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Honeycomb Wax 101

You may be no stranger to honey, but are you familiar with honeycomb wax? The striking symmetry and smooth golden color of honeycomb make it a true wonder of nature,...

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How Do Bees Make Honeycomb?

Ever wondered where the term “busy as a bee” came from? Well, here is your answer. After reading this article, you will most likely be shocked at...

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Enjoy sweet, raw, honeycomb, with less stress and no mess.

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