The Slow, Stable Type

Honeycomb is a low-GI food, so it won't build you up just to send you crashing. Each portion of Pass the Honey serves up 17g of carbs with zero added sugar and nothing artificial.

A Natural Sugar Alternative that Just Makes Sense

What People are Saying

“I’m obsessed with finding sweets that don’t do too much harm to my blood sugar. This was so decadent tasting and such a treat for me, but the best part was that I could see exactly how much it affected my blood sugar — approximately 30 points each. 

Plus I can travel with them, they don’t melt like gummy bears and they are delicious, unlike glucose tablets. What started as an impulse purchase will now be a part of my regular routine.”

-Anonymous, Customer

“I am writing in regards to the wonderful things you have done for my son, Dylan. Dylan is 10 years old and has diabetes. It has been a challenge, to say the least in finding great tasting, natural sweetener options to accompany his needs. My mother-in-law discovered you all and with one taste of Pass the Honey honeycomb, that's all it took! We couldn't be more satisfied! Pass the Honey has been a blessing & an uplifter for him—never spike his sugar and are his favorite.”

-Christy S., Customer

Naturally Sweet, Perfectly Portioned

Nature made a substance sweeter than sugar with added goodness. We left it alone and bundled it up in boxes of seven for daily convenience. 

Enjoy it as a glucose replacement, or use a right-sized portion to replace sugar and other sweeteners. Save 10% when you subscribe.

A Registered Dietitian on How to Eat Honeycomb

In her practice, Ella Davar, RD, CDN pays close attention to the glycemic index to optimize her patient’s health, mood, and weight management. 

"No other sweeteners possess the health benefits that raw honeycomb does. The glucose oxidase is the digestive enzyme in the honeycomb, which helps to optimize our digestion, and helps to slow down the blood glucose response and absorption, so we don't have [blood sugar] spikes."

Never Run Low

Save $47.99 on 6 boxes of pre-portioned unadulterated honeycomb when you subscribe. Your order is automatically delivered on your schedule. Modify or cancel your subscription anytime.