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Yes, you can eat the entire thing.
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A new way to enjoy honey: SNACKING HONEY

Honey is so much more than just a way to add sweetness. Real honey (that is honey from the comb) is complex and rich and full of flavor. It’s a superfood that does good things for our bodies. Honeycomb is entirely edible with countless uses - class up a charcuterie, top your morning toast, add to yogurt (or other things that go in bowls), have it as an afternoon pick-me-up or an after dinner treat. There are few ways not to consume honeycomb.

Absurdly good - for bees & beekeepers.

Pass the Honey co-creates with bees and multi-generational beekeepers to evolve beekeeping practices and ecosystem diversity far beyond what is currently perceived to be possible. We do this through sustainable beekeeping practices, rigorous testing and sourcing only 20% of a hive's comb to encourage healthy hive activity and stability. When you eat our honeycomb and revitalize
yourself, you’re also supporting the vitality of bees and their keepers.