Buying honeycomb for every student who enrolls in the National Spelling Bee*

Tell your Teacher, tell your Principle to enroll your school before December 31, 2021.

We are doing our damnedest to increase this year's participation in the National Spelling Bee.

Coming out of COVID the Bee is seeing slacking student enrollment so we're offering to buy a honeycomb for every student who enrolls. For a student to participate, it means schools have to first enroll .

Teachers, educators, principles, anyone associated with a school, we're talking to you. Please check if your school is enrolledand if not, please enroll before December 31, 2021. This is the first crucial step.

Once a school is enrolled, students can signup and we can start chucking comb their way. Yes, it's bait, but at least it's a healthy option made by bees, from flowers. It doesn't get any closer to nature.

Why are we doing this?

Because we can and it's important that students maintain a high level of literacy. In our view, reading and comprehension lead to healthier food choices and better decisions around environmental impacts. That's a win. If we have to go near-broke to buy a comb for tens of thousands of students, so it is.

As a company that touts regenerative sourcing practices and fully unadulterated honey, it's kinda helpful if people know what we are even talking about. By kinda, we mean really helpful.

Let's get the numbers up. Here's the simple detail:

* 1st check if your school is enrolled

* If it is, have your students signup at their school

* If not, please contact your school to have them enroll

*Currently redeemable at grocery stores in San Diego, Los Angeles and SF / Bay Area. For all others we can give a $10 credit to use online. It's the best we can do until next year when we launch nationwide. Use code SPBEEPROD at checkout.