A personal note from our team

With so much online chatter, it’s rough for a little brand to get attention. Especially in the near nonexistent honeycomb category. But if you’re reading this, you’ve already found us. Yay!

Our little team goes to absurd lengths to ensure the highest quality comb for every customer. We pour ourselves into this work, but we have barely scratched the surface of spreading awareness of Pass the Honey.

A referral program helps get the word out, and it gives you a reward as a thank you for supporting us. If each of our customers referred just one person, it would make a major impact on our small company.

Instead of losing money each month to the black boxes of deceit that are Facebook (Sorry—Meta) and Google, we’d rather give that back to our customers and their friends. Makes way more sense.

Any and all referrals are tremendously appreciated.

We hope you continue to enjoy our snacking honey morning, noon, night, with friends, with yourself, before a workout, after a workout, to wow friends with a fabulous charcuterie, however you so choose.

Many thanks,

The Pass the Honey Team