How to Use & Consume Honeycomb

Honey comes in more forms than the go-to squeeze bottle - and thank goodness for it.

When you use the honeycomb itself, you enjoy a whole new world of potential and texture. The comb adds luxurious dimension to certain entrees and dishes you already have every day.

To confirm, liquid honey is what’s extracted from the structured honeycomb after harvesting and processing. The comb itself is the original, raw version. So, not only is it tasty, honeycomb has many health benefits!

Before we share meal and snack ideas, find out why honeycomb adds a unique angle vs. common honey.

How to Use Honeycomb vs. Regular Honey

The main difference with honeycomb is the texture and its solid state. Adding honey to already liquid or creamy dishes, like yogurt, it blends right in. In contrast, for an extra oomph - crumbled honeycomb is absolutely delightful.

It’s the difference between putting almond butter on a salad compared to sliced almonds. The slices add a lovely crunch. Almond butter would be simply awkward.

Plus, the bite of honeycomb adds true decadence. Let’s dive into some examples.

Honeycomb goodness, without the mess.

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Use it in coffee or tea

Rather than pour another spoonful (or half a cup…) of creamer into your tea or coffee, try this instead. Dip a spoon into the honeycomb and stir it round and round till it melts and mixes with the drink. Do remember this is best done with hot drinks versus a cold iced tea or coffee.

Use it in salad

Okay, this may sound a little out there, but, trust us, it is fantastic. Just as you may top candied pecans on a bed of greens, try the same with honeycomb cubes. It’s especially nice when paired with chunks of soft cheese.

Create a delightful sandwich

Take your turkey sandwich up a notch. Add crumbled pieces of honeycomb to the interior.

Top toast

Rather than butter (or, hey, on top of butter), spread honeycomb over toast.

Add it to yogurt

Try this as an alternative to granola. Where granola tends to have a lot of added sugars, honeycomb sweet is all natural. It gives a similar texture of crunch as the granola. Remember, when selecting yogurt, go for a more plain style - such as unsweetened greek yogurt. Most yogurts have a lot of added sugar. When you add honeycomb, you get a natural sweetness that is still satisfying - but way healthier.

Kick up your ice cream

Sure, you could add chunks of cookie dough or brownie, but there’s already so much sugar in that ice cream. For a dessert that is just as satisfying and still sweeter yet, break up that honeycomb into small chunks and sprinkle it over your ice cream. Oh my, that adds a delicious pop of flavor!

Serve it with a cheese platter

Take your charcuterie board up to the next level. Gather an assortment of crackers and sliced baguette. Lay out your various cheeses. Add a few extra touches, like a handful of toasted almonds. A half cup of apricots. A bottle of red wine at the ready, of course. Then, last but not least, bring out the honeycomb. Set it out on its own plate that will pool the honey that drips out.

Honeycomb is especially fantastic with creamy cheeses like blue and chevre. Get ready to happy sigh. After all, is there anything much more delightful or decadent than a baguette topped with brie and honeycomb?

Incorporate into a fruit salad

Sure, fruit is sweet already, but why not take it to the next level - in a truly luxurious way? Combine fresh peach slices and a nice pile of soft, burrata cheese. Then, for the piece de resistance, add honeycomb. Incorporate other fruit as you like. It is going to be a seriously delicious experience.

Enjoy sweet, raw, honeycomb, with less stress and no mess.

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When You Use Honeycomb, Remember This

Honeycomb is a product of nature, which is why it’s such a great sweetener. Being natural, it can be prone to more, well, things that occur in nature. You may see pulp. Encounter pollen. Stumble across seeds. Do not let those derail you. In fact, take those as a good and wonderful sign that you are putting something real and wholesome in your body.

Wondering about the structure or how the pollen gets in there? Learn more about the science of honeycomb.

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