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Our Mission

Pass the Honey was founded to evolve apiary practices and ecological diversity beyond what's perceived possible. To co-create with both bees and beekeepers

What does that mean?

We promote pollinator health through research, habitat creation, education and outreach, and public-private partnerships. Enhancing and accelerating pollinator-health efforts, and building the support necessary to sustain improvements in pollinator health for generations.

Our Company Goal

It is our goal to enhance 7 million acres of land for pollinators over the next 15 years – conducting research, habitat creation, restoration and enhancement, policy development and implementation.

Why are we doing this?

Today, pollinators face a variety of challenges, including habitat loss due to development, altered land use patterns, and climate change, as well as exposure to pests, pathogens, pesticides, and other stressors. Researchers generally believe that honey bees, like many other pollinators, are adversely impacted by a number of stressors, acting individually and in concert with one another, including habitat loss from development and changes in land use, exposure to arthropod pests, pathogens, and pesticides, in addition to frequent, long-distance, transportation of hives. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Planting a pollinator garden is one simple way to help improve conditions for bees and pollinators. To get the most out of your pollinator garden with the least effort, include perennial plants. Unlike annuals that need to be planted each year, perennials are a mainstay in your garden landscape. 
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Pollination services result in far-reaching consequences on the purity of honey, pollinator health, and our food systems in general. 

The path forward seems simple: Stop hiring bees for pollination

If only it were that easy. 

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Nutritionists and other experts also agree that raw and unaltered is the best type of honey for health. Since the majority of liquid honey sold in stores today is heated, blended, or adulterated in some way, raw honeycomb is the purest way to get your daily dose of wellness support.
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