raw honeycomb in packets on table stacked

It's Absurdly Good.

For humans. For bees. For beekeepers. For our ecosystem.

Introducing SNACKING HONEY, a new way to enjoy honey from Pass the Honey - pre-cut individually portioned, bite-sized. Just how bees and nature intended. Pass the Honey does good things for our planet by supporting regenerative harvesting and working with bees and generational beekeepers to ensure that every bite of honey is always true to taste.

It's not liquid honey. It's not an alternative sweetener. It's honey you chew. Delivering a way for honey to stand on it's own - deliciously healthy, convenient, and snack-worthy anytime.


More than 70% of liquid honey at retail is adulterated. Blended with processed sugars and syrups, some not even having a trace of pollen. IT's shameful. Real honey is complex and rich and full of flavor. It's filled with natural vitamins and minerals and countless natural health benefits. We are reclaiming honey. In a format for any occasion - in the morning, after dinner, as a midday pick-me-up, or simply just because. It's time to introduce the world to real, bite-sized, and convenient SNACKING HONEY.