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Honey fraud doesn’t only impact the consumer. In an effort to compete with market demand for impossibly low prices, beekeepers are forced to turn to unsustainable methods that can be detrimental to bee health. This results in dwindling bee populations and may cause colony collapse disorder, which creates a vicious cycle where beekeepers face more challenges than they started with.

Fun facts: Similar to wine, the layered flavors of the honeycomb are entirely dependent on the region it is made. Darker honey and darker combs have more intense flavors, while lighter-colored varieties will have a more delicate taste, like Pass the Honey. Fresh honeycomb honey is unfiltered honey, which means there are beautifully complex flavors and textures at play, each waiting to be appreciated by a discerning palate. 

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The word charcuterie is a term that summons visions of thoughtfully-plated fare and high-end gatherings, much like a plate of hors d'oeuvres or a dainty amuse-bouche, but it’s their accouterments that truly elevate a simple plate of carnivore-centric snacks into a charcuterie board. So, beyond meat, what makes a “perfect” charcuterie assortment? Here are a few tips and tricks to guide you on your culinary path to deliciousness

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