Honeycomb: Your Fitness Friend

Honeycomb is an ideal, portable snack for refueling during endurance exercise. Here’s why.

Energy gels, bars, and beverages are a popular way for endurance athletes and those seeking improved cardiovascular fitness or muscle tone to fuel workouts. But are these heavily processed (what the heck is brown rice syrup, anyway?) and packaged products really the best way to power exercise?

Many such products—even natural options that use organic ingredients or are free from artificial colors and flavors—are typically laden with cane sugar, preservatives or flavors that are more akin to dessert than workout fuel, such as Chocolate Chip Cookie, Frosted Brownie or Birthday Cake, making the simple task of eating optimally challenging and confusing. Plus, are they really that much better than a cookie?

Pass The Honey’s individually packaged honeycomb can be an ideal option for anyone looking for a tasty, easy way to healthily boost their workout performance while also eating clean.

Slip a packet of portable Pass The Honey honeycomb into your gym bag, hiking backpack or back pocket of your cycling jersey and you’ll never bonk again. That’s because your muscles are designed to use glycogen, a simple form of sugar, as fuel.

Carbs Into Sugar

Every time you eat carbohydrates, whether that be a vegan wheat berry salad or a slice of your aunt’s famous chocolate cake, your body converts carbohydrates into glycogen to store it for later use—most of it being stored in either your liver, muscle tissue or blood. When you go on a run, your muscles are powered by their glycogen warehouse through a complex metabolic process.[1]

However, muscles hold a finite amount of glycogen. After about an hour or two of vigorous cardiovascular exercise, such as running, cycling, strenuous weight lifting, dancing, climbing, cross-country skiing and more, most people need to eat something in order to continue activity.

If you’ve ever heard of marathoners “hitting a wall” after a few hours of running (typically around mile 15-20) it’s typically caused by a major depletion of muscle glycogen.

Also known as “bonking,” this means that runners have “run out” of carbohydrate energy, reducing their ability to run. Descriptions of hitting the wall range from muscle cramps to crying to being forced to stop movement, and it’s usually caused by not fueling properly during a run.

Honeycomb is one of the many foods that can help minimize the chance of “hitting a wall” during endurance activities. Thanks to its abundance of naturally occurring sugar, popping a piece of honeycomb into your mouth is a simple, easily digestible snack that can help nourish your depleted muscles. As it’s a single-ingredient food, harvested straight-from-the-hive and never pasteurized, honeycomb is arguably nature’s most original and clean-label exercise-specific food.

According to a 2017 study by European researchers, honey was a treasured food source for ancient hunter-gatherers who valued honeycomb for its nutrient-dense properties. “Glucose is the primary nutrient for neurons and red blood cells, but rather rare in our primal habitat,” reports the study. “Therefore, honey has always been a privileged food for hunter-gatherers, and accounts for a substantial proportion of kilocalories in some primal living societies, since honey is the most energy dense food in nature.”[2]

Portable Snack

We especially love how honeycomb is a delicious, satisfying nosh—perfect for eating during endurance activities such as running and biking, when consuming food may be a challenge. Honeycomb’s tender, luscious flavor and texture certainly beats eating a dry, tasteless nutrition bar dug up from the bottom of your backpack. Open up a single-serve packet of honeycomb, and within a few bites your body will have an influx of readily available fuel.

Try eating one serving of honeycomb about 45-60 minutes into your long run, workout or hike for a healthy boost of energy. That waxy honeycomb structure that encases the honey? You can eat it! Enjoy it’s yummy chew for added nutrients (it’s full of fiber, vitamins and minerals).

The takeaway? Forget the sugary drinks, unappetizing nutrition bars, saccharine gels and gummies while working out, and make Pass The Honey’s honeycomb an integral part of your exercise routine. Stock up on individually packaged honeycomb, and be sure to tote a packet with you on your physical endeavors.

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Enjoy sweet, raw, honeycomb, with less stress and no mess.